A+ Computer Systems Design
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A+ Computer Systems Design
Research, build, load, and operate a modern computer workstations
Prerequisites: None

A+ Computer Systems Design
May 16 - June 22
5pm - 7pm
12 Sessions
Instructor: Damian

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Course Overview

This is a course that we've been teaching in one form or another for over twenty years. Even way back then the core concept was the same; computers are everywhere in our lives and we should all understand how to manage them well without continual interruptions in our work due to system issues and lack of understanding. .

As it says in the tagline, we'll research components, build the PC, load the operating system and go through many important system features. This also includes computer networking and troubleshooting. Not only will we look at all this on the Windows operating systems but Linux as well. This is a very valuable platform that is not understood at all by the vast majority of computer users yet hugely popular within the server and network device arena.

Another big reason for offering this course is that a large part of the content delivered by our group is on computer based technology. Embedded programming, configuring 3d printers, and building drones all require a certain capability on a workstation computer in order to work with these products. Even the graphic design process in our composite snowboard class can cause some grief to those who don't have much PC background. So our goal is to make everyone more comfortable in these other classes as well as their day to day lives.

Lastly there is a reason for the "A+" in the name. This is not a cute way of saying that it's a wonderful class but rather how this is tied to many of the technology concepts presented by the CompTIA A+ computer certifications. This is the practical application of these lessons. Many people considering this as a career pathway might not have access to the hardware and software needed to fully apply all this information and develop their functional skills. It's our hope that we can provide this for them.


  • Learn the needed components
  • Research the variations
  • Choosing the best components for the task
  • Learn the function of the CPU, RAM, Motherboard and Drives

  • Learn proper safety precautions when installing components
  • ESD awareness
  • Cable management
  • What makes a good case
  • Component directionality
  • Bus and slot types

Operating System Installation
  • Load Windows 11 and Linux operating systems
  • Understand the benefits of various operating systems
  • Making a bootable USB drive
  • Dual booting
  • Partitioning and Formatting
  • What is a "Live OS"
  • Drivers

System Management - Linux and Windows
  • User accounts
  • Profiles
  • Services
  • Registry editing
  • Command Line
  • Batch Files
  • Program Installation Process
  • Backups and Restore Points
  • Linux application installation
  • Understanding the file systems
  • History
  • IP addressing
  • Network devices
  • Enterprise network concepts
  • Home server based networking
  • Troubleshooting
  • CLI Commands
  • DNS
  • DHCP
  • Windows Server concepts
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Access Points
  • Cable making
  • Web servers and HTML
  • FTP and SSH
  • What are protocols

Online Program Specifics

One thing we never want to do is use online delivery as a cheap alternative to in person training. Obviously for physical skills this is difficult but we feel we can accomplish this through the use of several methodologies. This will mean first and foremost, student engagement. We'll have scheduled online meetings just like our in person curriculum and everyone should plan on showing up. We can make accommodations from time to time just as we do in our regular classes, but it cannot be a frequent issue. If this is a problem, wait for another time slot to open up.

The other portion of this course will be video lecture. We will have regularly scheduled video meetings, but we will also have instructional content made up prior that students can review before class time at their leisure. This will be available on our online portal page that we will give out to students after they enroll. These videos will also include frequently asked questions, and our plan is to continue to make videos on student issues so it could benefit others in the future.

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Class Dates and Times:

A+ Computer Systems Design
May 16 - June 22
5pm - 7pm
12 Sessions
Instructor: Damian


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