Additive Manufacturing Materials and Assembly
Course Infomation

Additive Manufacturing Materials and Assembly
Second Level Multidiscipline Fabrication Course
Prerequisites: Level 1 Additive Manufacturing Systems

Tenlog TL-D3 - Current Class Machine

Course Overview
3d Printing - CAD Design - Model Assembly

This course is listed a second level 3d printer course which it does introduce students to many new printing concepts, however it's focused strongly on developing your own CAD models using Fusion 360. We design many models to test merged materials and machine tolerances but also have a large overarching class project designing a functional mill vise. This will require over 100 hours of printing. This 3d printed tool also includes many real components such as fasteners and bearings.

The CAD work will be done in Fusion 360 and the slicer used most in class will be Cura. We will look at CATIA briefly as well as the open source CGI system, Blender.

A concept that's been the core of many of our programs, yet difficult to get into a name or narrative, is how we incorporate several diverse topics into one course. So if you're expecting simply a class on 3d printing understand that there will be a great deal of work in 3d design as well as fabrication processes such as sanding and filing, drilling and tapping holes, and component assembly.


Working with an Independent Dual Extruder Printer
  • IDEX Basics
  • Slicer setup
  • Print Tuning

CAD - Fusion 360 and/or CATIA
  • Design methodologies
  • Extrude, revolve, web, patterns
  • Designing for available hardware
  • Modeling needed products from datasheet
  • CAD Assembly
  • Model iteration
  • Organizational practices for better editing
  • Designing for soluble supports

Material Study
  • Identify characteristics of various print materials
  • Print test samples in PLA, PETG, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, PVA, carbon fiber, wood, and possibly more
  • Develop best practice matrix for varied materials
  • Incorporating materials
  • Working with PVA soluble support material

  • Heat-set and self-tapping inserts
  • Hole drilling and tapping
  • Sanding and Filing
  • Blender 3d design software

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